Fruits and vegetables are an important component of the US diet.  Growers have responded by growing and harvesting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  As a result of global production and distribution, global growers have provided consumers with an abundance of fruit and vegetables year round.  However, there has been much concern about food safety both domestically and internationally.  It is imperative that all produce handlers strive to provide the safest food possible to the consumers.


Due to the food borne illnesses that have resulted in numerous deaths, domestic, international, and media attention is being focused on food safety.  There has been great attention focused on the complete supply chain from field to fork.

We are dedicated consultants who’s primary concern is developing food safety programs.  These programs must be reasonable to the industry, implementable and manageable.  Each food safety program developed is designed for the specific industry.  In developing long-term relationships, the services provided will be tailored to company’s specific needs.


This may include consultation work in which companies are coached on the work to be completed, but the companies to develop all their own programs.  As a part of this program, an audit of the company will be completed to identify the short-comings of a company’s program.  Then, assistance in developing the program will be provided, when required. 


A relationship may also be warranted where a completed food safety program that has been developed will be tailored to an organization and implemented.  In this scenario, the food safety meetings, environmental testing, internal audits, training, etc. may be conducted by 5 Fields.  A 5 Fields representative may assist in setting up and being present for third-party or customer audits.